Polaris F9550 Sport – Reviews & Buying Guide

Well, if you are madly waiting for the high-performing robotic pool cleaner then I would say your waiting is over now. After a few days of brief research, I found an incredible and perfect swimming pool robotic pool cleaner namely Polaris F9550 sport robotic pool cleaner for an in-ground pool. It is one of the best and superior pool cleaner on the market today.

In addition, if you do not want to follow the poor cleaning method then it will surpass your wildest expectation. Cleaning the pool manually and time-consuming and you will get your desired effect.

In that case, the robotic pool cleaner may sound a little bit expensive but to be honest its works like a charm. If you want to get soft, refreshing pool water automatically then surely it can be said that you will not find the better alternative than the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy your cleaning time with your favorite music then it will meet your expectations. Getting the sparkling clean water is not a dream now because the advanced pool cleaning solution is available on the market.

The Polaris F9550 robotic pool cleaner comes with a bunch of effective features which made it a strong competitor on the market. What are you looking for in the robotic pool cleaner? It comes with everything.

More importantly, it doesn’t require any installation with the pool water system. It is a plug N play robotic pool cleaner. You just have to plug the cleaner then let it go for an operation. Simple and easy, right.

Is the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner worth buying?

I think when you are planning to buy a pool cleaner then definitely this question is popping up in your head. In that case, unavoidably buying the Polaris F9550 poo cleaner is a secure investment.

It is a lightweight and portable pool cleaner that ensures mobility comfortably. It is a complete package of the latest technology. If you love to keep yourself with ultramodern technology then it will be an ideal choice for you.

More importantly, if you go to Amazon then you will see that nearly 70% current users of the cleaner rated 4-5-star which is really amazing. That means a massive number of people are happy about their outstanding performance.

Finally, if you want to secure your investment for a long time then buying the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner will be a brilliant decision. It gives remarkable cleaning performance without any hassle.

If you do not like pain and looking for an advanced cleaning machine that takes all of your swimming pool cleaning responsibility then why not the Polaris F9550?

Is the Polaris F9550 comes from a renowned brand?

Brand reputation is one of the biggest consideration especially when it comes to any expensive products.

In that case, I would say Zodiac is one of the popular and renowned companies which has many years of experience and goodwill to manufacture, durable, reliable, and well-built quality products. I guess if you own a swimming pool definitely you are using any of their pool products.

Polaris F9550

They are very popular on the market to construct durable and lightweight robotic pool cleaner and the Polaris F9550 is one of their great pieces.

However, if you are planning to buy a pool cleaner from a well-reputed company then surely Zodiac will live up to your expectations.

Top Features of the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner

If you are looking for some insane features to get the maximum cleaning efficiency in a robotic pool then it would be the Polaris F9550. It comes with excellent and amazing features that play a key role to get the highest cleaning performance.

Unbeatable power

If you are looking for the most powerful pool cleaner then surely the Polaris F9550 will live up to your expectation because it is considered as one of the powerful pool cleaners on the market at this time. You will able to get high-efficient cleaning performance from it.

In addition, it is more powerful because it comes with an aqua-tax tire which plays a key role to move the cleaner properly according to the pool surface which is really impressive.

In other words, four-wheel drive technology is included with this cleaner which means it has a great capacity to clean different types of swimming pools effectively.

Plus, you have nothing to worry to clean the steps and another part of the pool because it also provides satisfying steps cleaning performance as well as walls.


The Polaris F9550 is particularly constructed to consume less energy. Compared to the old and traditional pool cleaner, the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner consumes 10 times less energy.

It requires only 150 watts to run its operation smoothly. In that case, if you are searching for an energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner to decrease utility bills then definitely it will be an ideal choice for you.

Large filter canister

This amazing robotic pool cleaner comes with a big filter canister which means if do not like any interruption at the time of cleaning the pool then it will be a one-stop solution for you. It comes with a 4 times larger canister filter tank than the other types of pool cleaner on the market.

Polaris F9550 pool cleaner

That means you do not have to lift the robotic so often to clean the filter which is really amazing. As a result, you will able to work continuously and it saves time and effort.

Active Motion sensing

Compared to the other robotic pool cleaner, I think it is one of the effective and cool features of the Polaris F9550 robotic pool cleaner. It has the ability to identify where it cleans and skips.

As a result, it doesn’t go for cleaning the same area a couple of times as well as it never skips any area.

Vortex vacuum technology

The Polaris F9550 is absolutely suitable to tackle any type of debris. It comes with vortex vacuum cleaning technology which means it provides supreme vacuuming performance.

If you are seeking a pool cleaner that gives powerful and efficient vacuuming performance then it will be a great choice for you.

Easy lift system

This robotic pool cleaner comes with many amazing features and the easy lift system is one of them. You do not have to follow the traditional ways to lift the robot from the pool.

Pentair prowler 930 robotic pool cleaner

It is a remote-controlled robotic pool cleaner, just simply press the button from the remote it will automatically come to your desired location which is really pretty awesome.

More importantly, to transport the pool cleaner one place to another place you do not have to encounter any trouble because it comes with an awesome caddy.

Seven-day program

Well, if you want to set a cleaning schedule for seven days you have nothing to worry about because it comes with seven days cleaning program. You just will have to set the cleaning schedule then it will take all the cleaning responsibility.

If you do not want to take any pain then unavoidably it can be said that it will keep you pain-free throughout the week. The Polaris F9550 is a user-friendly and amazing performing robotic pool cleaner.

Polaris F9550 Sport VS Dolphin Oasis Z5i

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  • Astonishing cleaning performance
  • It saves energy
  • Smart navigation technology
  • Big filter canister
  • Effective vacuuming
  • Easy Lifting
  • Caddy and remote control included


  • No swivel
  • Only for in-ground swimming pool


If you are looking for an advanced and efficient cleaning solution for your swimming pool. Definitely, the Polaris F9550 pool cleaner is suitable for you. It comes with some amazing and outstanding features. Which made it a strong competitor in the robotic pool cleaner industry.

More importantly, the majority of users of this pool cleaner are happy because of its remarkable performance. If you are looking for the best cleaning master for your swimming pool then why not the Polaris F9550?

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