Get Ultimate Convenience With Pentair 520591 EasyTouch

Pool owners seeking to streamline their pool management experience, the Pentair 520591 EasyTouch emerges as a beacon of innovation and practicality. As the demands of modern living continue to evolve, the need for intuitive and accessible pool automation solutions becomes increasingly evident.

The Pentair 52059 rises to meet this challenge. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify pool operation. It enhances functionality, and elevate the overall pool ownership experience.

Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits that make the Pentair 520591 EasyTouch Control System a compelling choice for discerning pool owners.

Why Pentair 520591 EasyTouch Control System?

The Pentair 520591 EasyTouch control system offers several compelling reasons for pool owners to choose it for their pool automation needs:

  1. Simplicity: It simplifies pool management by providing easy, one-button access to all functions. This eliminates the need for complex operating sequences and manual adjustments, making it user-friendly for pool owners of all experience levels.
  2. Convenience: With built-in diagnostics and optional controllers, the system offers convenience and ease of use. Pool owners can quickly troubleshoot issues and customize the control interface to suit their preferences, enhancing the overall pool ownership experience.
  3. Compatibility: The EasyTouch control system is compatible with a wide range of pool equipment and accessories, including pumps, lighting, heaters, and more. This versatility allows pool owners to integrate various components seamlessly and control them effectively from a single interface.
  4. Remote Control: By pairing with the ScreenLogic2® Interface, the EasyTouch control system enables remote control and monitoring of pool functions from mobile devices, computers, and select smart speakers. This adds convenience and flexibility, allowing pool owners to manage their pool from anywhere, anytime.
  5. Safety: It includes a 125 Amp breaker base and is UL and CUL approved, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Pool owners can trust that their pool equipment is protected and compliant with industry safety standards.
  6. Compact Design: With its compact dimensions, the EasyTouch control system can be easily installed near pool equipment, saving space and reducing wiring and installation costs.
  7. Affordability: Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the EasyTouch control system is designed to be affordable for any budget. Pool owners can enjoy the benefits of pool automation without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Pentair 520591 Control System

Pentair 520591 pool & spa controller

The Pentair 520591 EasyTouch Control System is a sophisticated pool automation system designed to simplify and streamline the management of various pool and spa functions. Here are the key features of this control system:

1. Easy Operation

All functions of the EasyTouch Control System are conveniently accessible with easy, one-button access from the self-contained load center. This eliminates the need for complex operating sequences and manual adjustments.

2. Optional Controllers

The system comes with optional controllers for added convenience and customization, allowing users to tailor the control interface to their specific needs and preferences.

3. Built-in Diagnostics

The EasyTouch control system includes built-in diagnostics, enabling users to quickly troubleshoot and identify any issues for efficient repair and maintenance.

4. Compatibility

The system is compatible with a wide range of pool equipment and accessories, including variable speed or variable flow pumps, pool lighting, landscape lighting, water features (such as waterfalls and fountains), heaters, and more.

5. Breaker Base

It includes a 125 AMP breaker base, providing ample power capacity for the various components of the pool system. This ensures safe and reliable operation.

6. Space for Breakers

The system offers space for 10 1-inch breakers, allowing for further customization and expansion of the electrical setup as needed.

7. ScreenLogic2® Interface

The EasyTouch control system can be paired with the ScreenLogic2® Interface, enabling users to control and monitor their pool functions from mobile digital devices, computers, and select smart speaker devices. This adds convenience and flexibility to the system’s operation.

8. Compact Design

With dimensions of 26 inches in height, 17 inches in width, and 5.25 inches in depth, the EasyTouch Control System features a compact design that can be easily installed near the pool or spa equipment, saving space and minimizing wiring and installation costs.

9. Certifications

The system is UL and CUL approved, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.


  • User-friendly interface with one-button access.
  • Versatile compatibility with various pool equipment and accessories.
  • Convenient remote control capabilities via ScreenLogic2® Interface.
  • Built-in diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Compact design saves space and reduces installation costs.
  • UL and cUL approved for safety and reliability.
  • Optional controllers for customization.


  • Limited availability; only sold through Pentair dealers or retail stores.
  • May require additional investment for optional controllers.


With its intuitive operation, versatile compatibility, remote control capabilities, and commitment to safety, this system transcends the boundaries of traditional pool management. It offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for pool owners worldwide.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, the Pentair 520591 provides a beacon of simplicity and efficiency in the realm of pool ownership. It’s cutting-edge technology not only enhances the functionality of your pool but also empowers you to reclaim precious time and resources.