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Well, I am going to provide u formation about the Maytronics Dx3 robotic swimming pool cleaner which is one of the desired pool cleaners on the market. To know more about the cleaner go through the entire article.

If you are looking for a brilliant and intelligent cleaning solution for your swimming pool then your waiting is over. The Maytronics Dx3 is waiting to live up to your wildest expectation. It is particularly designed for the pool up to 40 feet. If your pool size is not more than that then it will be a great cleaning solution for you.

However, cleaning often appears as laborious and painful work for many people. If you face the same problem and looking for a magical solution for your backyard paradise then this cool pool cleaner is one of the best solutions for you.

Moreover, it can be used for scrubbing, vacuuming, and filtering which is the complete cleaning solution for nay kinda swimming pool.

In addition, getting the crystal cleaner pool water is not a dream now because the Maytronics Dx3 has an ability to turn your dream come true without any hassle or pain. That’s the great benefit of the robotic pool cleaner.

If you love to listen to music then the cleaning time is yours because you have to plug in the robot then it will take all responsibilities.

As a result, you able to enjoy your boring cleaning time with your favorite music now. In addition, the price is of this robot is absolutely affordable.

If you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner within an affordable price with all necessary and essential features then I would say you will not find the better alternative than the Maytronics Dx3.

Is the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner worth buying?

When you are planning to buy a robotic pool cleaner then I would say it is one of the biggest considerations because if you make any mistake to take the right decision then it will make you disappoint.

In that case, I would say buying the Maytronics Dx3 definitely a secure investment. If you go to Amazon then you will see around 70% of current users of this pool cleaner users gave it a 4-5-star review which ensures the supreme quality and efficient performance that you are looking for a long time. Its compact design and outstanding performance will surpass your expectation and I am sure you will fall in love with the pool cleaner.

In addition, the Maytronics Dx3 is small which ensures mobility and it is very easy to use. You will not face any difficulty to operate the cleaner.

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More importantly, it doesn’t require any connection with the pool system which means easy installation. If you want to secure your investment for a long time then the Maytronics Dx3 will be an ideal choice for you.

Why the Maytronics pool cleaner is the best?

  • Its CleverClean™ coverage is controlled by a propelled route system and it also comes with scanning software. This guarantees your pool – walls and floor – are cleaned utilizing the most proficient course. So keen, the system consequently explores hindrances and rapidly comes back to its course.
  • It provides hassle-free cleaning solutions as well as simple on/off operation .
  • The unit comes with anti-tangle swivel cable that plays a key role to move the robot easily and efficiently throughout the pool.
  • Filtration system of the robot is so powerful, highly efficient and clog-free filtration.
  • Suitable for all pool surface.
  • It has a canister fill alert system.
  • Energy-efficient and durable.

Is the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner comes from a renowned company?

Everyone wants to buy something from a renowned company that has goodwill on the market to provide high-quality products. In that case, I would say Maytronics is one of the reliable and well-known names in the swimming pool industry to manufacture high-quality swimming pool products. You can rely on them completely without any hesitation.

More importantly, the company has nearly a century of experience to construct a high-quality pool cleaner and the Maytronics Dx3 is one of them. If you are seeking for a robotic pool cleaner which comes from a reputed company then at first you have to look at the Maytronics Dx3 because it is one of their great piece of the robotic pool cleaner.

Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner Specifications

Name Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner
Cleaning Cycle3-hour
Cable Length60 foot Swivel Cable
Filtration capabilitiesFine Porosity
Suction Rate4,233 gallons per hour
Unit weight18-3/4 Pounds
Customer Reviews4.2 out of 5 stars

Top Features of the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner

Like I already mentioned that the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner comes with a series of effective and helpful features that made it a strong competitor in the swimming pool cleaner industry. Let’s look at a glance the top features of the cleaner. I hope it will meet your expectations.

Outstanding mapping and scanning

I think it is one of the best and cool features of the cleaner because it goes for cleaning after cleaning. As a result, it doesn’t miss any single spot or area is the poo which is really amazing.

It comes with pre-installed on-onboard software which basically works to scans entire pool surfaces. No matter what kind of pool shape it is but it provides incredible scanning performance as well as maximum cleaning.

Surprisingly, it maps and scans throughout the pool floors, when it is done then it goes for vacuuming, brushing, and filtering. As a result, it gives the highest cleaning performance within a short time and no way to miss any part of the pool.

Hassle-free swivel cable

The Maytronics Dx3 comes with a 60-feet swivel cable to reach each and every part of the pool without any tangling. As a result, at the time of cleaning it will not get stuck with cable. That means it can work continuously without any interruption which is really amazing because it saves precious time.

3 hours cycle

In addition, this fantastic pool cleaner takes 3 hours to clean the entire pool which means after finishing its cycle you will able to enjoy soft and refreshing pool water without any hassle that you were looking for. This robot is absolutely suitable to remove any kind of debris from the pool.

Large filter bag

It is one of the greatest parts of the Maytronics Dx3 robotic pool cleaner. It comes with a large filter bag which means it can clean the pool for a long time without any break because it can store a huge amount of debris inside the bag. More importantly, you do not have to lift the robot so often to clean the bag which is really cool. Isn’t it?

Indicator light

Are you worried to know that when the filter will full? I think you have nothing to worry about because this unit comes with an indicator. That means when the filter will full of debris then it will notify you to clean the cleaner.


It has a cool indicator light which basically works to notify you that you need to clean the robot to get excellent cleaning performance continuously.


I think you will not feel comfortable to work with a heavy robotic pool cleaner. In that case, the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner weighs only 18.75 pounds which are considered lightweight.

As a result, you will able to work with the robot more comfortably and conveniently. It also ensures mobility.

Easy to use

The Maytronics Dx3 robotic pool cleaner is a plug N play device. It doesn’t require any installation with the pool system. You just need to plug the robot then let it go for cleaning and enjoy crystal cleaning pool water with your friends and family. Sounds good, right?


  • It comes with a flexible weekly timer
  • It is a plug N play robotic pool cleaner
  • Great value
  • No supervision required
  • Suitable for wall cleaning
  • Efficient cleaning performance


  • It is not suitable for above-ground pool
  • Doesn’t comes with remote control


If you are looking for an affordable robotic pool cleaner with all the necessary features then surely it can be said that it will be an ideal choice for you. It comes with a great price.

More importantly, it is one of the most popular robotic pool cleaner on the market because of its well-built quality and insane cleaning performance. Enjoy soft, and refreshing pool water with the Maytronics Dx3 pool cleaner without any pain.

Frequently asked questions about the Maytronics DX3 pool cleaner

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