Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 Review: Hassle-Free Pool Care

You know what maintaining the pristine clarity and hygiene of your pool shouldn’t be a daily chore. It should be a seamless experience. 

The Jandy Aquapure PLC1400, a revolutionary leap in pool sanitation technology that redefines simplicity, efficiency, and reliability. Let’s dive into the Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 review to explore how this innovative system elevates pool care to unprecedented levels, promising a hassle-free, year-round solution for crystal-clear water and worry-free enjoyment.

If you’re looking for a reliable and high-efficient cleaning solution for your pool then explore the Jandy Aquapure Salt System to acknowledge what it has to offer. 

Do I Need The Jandy Aquapure 1400 Salt System?

Is this salt system suitable for me? Let’s explore the answer now in the Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 review. It caters to a diverse audience seeking an efficient, hassle-free, and reliable solution for maintaining their pool water. It’s particularly beneficial and appealing to:

  1. Pool Owners Seeking Simplicity: If you’re looking to simplify their pool maintenance routine. The system’s closed-loop operation and self-sustaining mechanism minimize the need for constant chemical additions, offering an easier and more hands-off approach to water sanitation.
  2. Tech-Savvy Users: Those who appreciate advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces. The Aquapure 1400’s precision control, LCD display, and innovative features cater to individuals who value high-tech solutions for pool maintenance.
  3. Owners of Mid-sized to Large Pools: Designed for pools ranging from 12,000 to 40,000 gallons, this system suits mid-sized to larger pool setups. It ensures optimal chlorine production and water sanitation for such pool sizes without compromising efficiency.
  4. Users Prioritizing Longevity and Reliability: Seeking a durable, long-lasting solution for pool maintenance. The Aquapure 1400’s robust design, including solid titanium plates and precious metal coatings, ensures prolonged lifespan and reliable performance.
  5. Those Wanting Streamlined Installation: The system’s ease of installation, compatibility with existing fittings, and sensor integration appeal to users seeking a straightforward setup process without extensive modifications to their current pool infrastructure.
  6. Pool Enthusiasts Seeking Efficiency: Users who value efficiency and consistency in water sanitation. The Aquapure 1400’s continuous chlorine production and automated processes cater to those looking for consistent, hassle-free pool water maintenance.

Specifications of the Jandy Aquapure 1400 Salt System

The Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 stands as the pinnacle of pool sanitation systems, boasting cutting-edge technology and unparalleled efficiency. Engineered for pools ranging from 12,000 to 40,000 gallons, this system redefines ease of use and reliability in maintaining water purity.

  • Advanced Cell Technology: Equipped with a 3-port cell kit, this system offers unparalleled plumbing flexibility, while its durable housing ensures long-term reliability. The solid titanium plates, coated with multiple layers of precious metals, enhance chlorine production efficiency and extend the cell’s lifespan.
  • Automatic Reversing Cycle: The system’s built-in reversing cycle effectively prevents calcium buildup within the cell, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing maintenance requirements.
  • Enhanced Sensor Integration: The Aquapure PLC1400 is specifically designed to cater to pools within the 12,000 to 40,000-gallon range, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.
  • Designed for Efficiency: The Aquapure PLC1400 is specifically designed to cater to pools within the 12,000 to 40,000-gallon range, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.

Components Included

Complete with the APUREM Power Pack, PLC1400 Cell with Unions, Cord, and Flow Switch, this comprehensive package ensures users have all necessary components for a hassle-free installation and immediate operation.

Benefits of Jandy Plc1400 Salt Cell

  • Utilization of Ordinary Salt: By utilizing ordinary salt, the electrolytic cell within the Aquapure system generates free chlorine year-round. This innovative process effectively converts chlorine back into salt after purifying the pool water, ensuring a continuous cycle without the need for constant chemical additions.
  • Superior Performance and Longevity: The high-performance electrolytic cell, crafted from solid titanium plates and coated with precious metals, guarantees longevity and exceptional performance. The self-cleaning cycle further extends the cell’s lifespan, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Precision and Control: Offering precision adjustments for chlorine production and a unique tri-sensor capable of detecting water flow, temperature, and true salinity, users can precisely regulate and monitor the system for optimal results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With an LCD display showcasing chlorine production, salinity, temperature, water flow, cell mode, and service codes, the system ensures ease of use and comprehensive monitoring.

The Aquapure PLC1400 stands as a testament to Jandy’s commitment to innovation and quality, providing pool owners with a hassle-free, efficient, and reliable solution for maintaining pristine pool water year-round.

Features & Functionality of Aqua Pure 1400 Salt Cell

Jandy Aquapure PLC1400

Do you think Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 is just a pool sanitation system? No, it’s a testament to innovation, engineering excellence, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled performance. It offers ease of use for pool owners seeking pristine, hassle-free water maintenance solutions. So, let’s explore more to figure out what it has to offer in this Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 review. 

1. Cutting-Edge Features Redefining Pool Maintenance

The Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 isn’t just another pool sanitation system—it’s a marvel of technology engineered to simplify pool maintenance while ensuring unparalleled water quality.

2. High-Performance Electrolytic Cell Technology

Utilizing a state-of-the-art 3-port cell kit, this system offers unmatched plumbing flexibility, catering to varying installation needs. Its durable housing safeguards the solid titanium plates, meticulously coated with layers of precious metals, ensuring exceptional chlorine production and significantly prolonging the cell’s lifespan.

3. Automated Reversing Cycle for Seamless Maintenance

Bid farewell to worries about calcium buildup. The built-in automatic reversing cycle diligently prevents such accumulations within the cell, guaranteeing consistent performance and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance checks.

4. Streamlined Installation with Enhanced Sensor Integration

The Aquapure PLC1400 redefines simplicity in setup. Its third port-integrated sensor and larger unions facilitate effortless installation, ensuring users can seamlessly integrate this system into their existing pool infrastructure.

5. Precision Control and Optimal Pool Sizing

Designed to cater to pools ranging from 12,000 to 40,000 gallons, this system isn’t just efficient; it’s optimized. Users have precision control over chlorine production, ensuring the perfect balance for their pool’s specific needs.

6. Complete Package for Hassle-Free Operation

Included in the package are the APUREM Power Pack, PLC1400 Cell with Unions, Cord, and Flow Switch—everything necessary for a hassle-free installation and immediate operation, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.

Installation & User Experience

  1. Effortless Setup, Enhanced Experience: Installing and using the Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 isn’t just a task—it’s an experience that elevates pool maintenance to a whole new level of simplicity and reliability.
  2. Seamless Replacement and Error Code Troubleshooting: Transitioning to the Aquapure PLC1400 is a breeze, especially for those replacing an older unit. The system seamlessly fits into the existing setup, alleviating concerns about compatibility issues. Users encountering error codes, such as 120, 124, and 194 on previous units, find troubleshooting straightforward, allowing for quick resolutions.
  3. Simple Setup and Compatibility: The system’s user-friendly design ensures easy installation, and its compatibility with existing fittings simplifies the setup process further. Users appreciate the straightforwardness, enabling them to start enjoying the benefits of the Aquapure system without unnecessary delays.
  4. Confidence in Durability and Spare Parts: Crafted by Jandy, renowned for quality and longevity, the Aquapure PLC1400 instills confidence in its durability. Users appreciate having spare universal fittings included, providing peace of mind and added convenience, even if not immediately needed.
  5. User-Friendly Design for Extended Use: With an 8-year-old setup and the controller/power pack still functioning flawlessly, users find assurance in the system’s reliability. The need for a replacement primarily focused on the salt cell, reinforcing their confidence in the longevity of Jandy products.

The Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 isn’t just a system; it’s a testament to seamless integration, user-friendly design, and confidence in durability, offering users an unparalleled experience in pool maintenance and ensuring hassle-free operations for years to come.

Working Mechanism of Jandy PlC1400 Salt Cell

Jandy Aquapure 1400 Salt System
  • Simplified Excellence in Pool Maintenance: Understanding how the Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 operates unveils the brilliance behind it’s effortless, closed-loop system, making pool maintenance a hands-off experience.
  • Salt Conversion for Continuous Chlorine Production: The Aquapure system operates on a simple principle—just add salt. With a minimal requirement of 3000 parts per million, ordinary salt becomes the catalyst for a continuous cycle of chlorine production. As salt passes through the Aquapure cell, it transforms into sodium hypochlorite, effectively shocking out chloramines and organics while maintaining the desired sanitizer level in the pool water.
  • Seamless, Closed-Loop Operation: The beauty lies in its closed-loop system. Once the sanitization process concludes, the sodium hypochlorite reverts to salt, ready to be utilized repeatedly without the need for constant chemical additions. This efficiency streamlines pool maintenance, requiring minimal intervention from users.
  • Error Resolution and Future Preparedness: The Aquapure PLC1400’s working mechanism resolves past issues faced by users. Error codes like 120, 124, and 194 led to insights regarding cable quality, providing spare cables for unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, having spare universal fittings included ensures readiness for future needs, enhancing user confidence.
  • Reliability and Longevity: The decision to replace the entire unit stemmed from an earlier salt cell replacement experience, highlighting the trust placed in Jandy’s reliability. With an eight-year-old setup, the durability of the controller/power pack and the system’s seamless integration further solidify confidence in Jandy’s products.

The Jandy Aquapure PLC1400’s working mechanism exemplifies simplicity in operation, reliability in functionality, and a closed-loop system that ensures minimal intervention, offering users a hassle-free and efficient solution for maintaining sparkling, sanitized pool water.


  • Effortless Maintenance: Simplifies pool care by utilizing salt for continuous chlorine generation, minimizing the need for frequent chemical additions.
  • Advanced Technology: High-performance electrolytic cell with titanium plates and precious metal coatings ensures efficient chlorine production and durability.
  • Closed-Loop System: Operates on a closed-loop mechanism, converting salt into chlorine and reverting it back, reducing the need for constant chemical replenishments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an LCD display for monitoring chlorine production, salinity, temperature, water flow, and service codes, enhancing user convenience.
  • Precision Control: Allows for precise adjustments in chlorine production, catering to specific pool size and usage needs.


  • Initial Cost: The upfront investment for the system might be higher compared to traditional chemical-based pool maintenance methods.
  • Dependency on Salt Levels: Requires a specific salt concentration (around 3000 parts per million), which may necessitate occasional salt replenishment.


At the end of the Jandy Aquapure PLC1400 review, we must say it isn’t just a system; it’s an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. Its high-performance electrolytic cell, fortified with titanium plates and precious metal coatings, ensures exceptional chlorine production and extended durability. The automatic reversing cycle and enhanced sensor integration simplify maintenance and installation. It is an appealing choice for pool owners.

What truly sets the Aquapure PLC1400 apart is its closed-loop system. By converting salt into chlorine and reverting it back, the system operates without requiring constant chemical additions.

This self-sustaining mechanism not only ensures consistent water sanitation but also minimizes user intervention, offering a hassle-free maintenance experience.