Smart, Simple, Serene: ControlOMatic SmarterSpa System Review

Transform your spa experience with the ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater System. It’s a revolutionary solution that brings the luxury of a saltwater oasis to any spa or hot tub.

Just think you’re stepping into water that feels softer, gentler on your skin and eyes, all while enjoying the pristine clarity that comes from a consistently chlorinated environment. With over 30 years of expertise in saltwater chlorination, ControlOMatic introduces a game-changer: a compact, easy-to-install system that elevates your relaxation. While minimizing maintenance hassles.

Let’s dive into the Controlomatic SmarterSpa review, where simplicity meets sophistication.

Who Needs The ControlOMatic Salt Cell?

The ControlOMatic Salt Cell, like other saltwater chlorination systems, is particularly beneficial for various individuals and scenarios:

1. Spa and Hot Tub Owners

If you own spas or hot tubs at home can benefit significantly from the ControlOMatic Salt Cell. It simplifies water maintenance, ensuring a consistently clean and chlorinated environment without the hassle of frequent chemical treatments.

2. Sensitive Skin and Eyes

If you have sensitive skin or allergies to traditional chlorine-based treatments often find saltwater chlorination systems like ControlOMatic more comfortable and less irritating.

3. Maintenance-Averse Individuals

For those who prefer a set-and-forget approach to spa maintenance, the ControlOMatic Salt Cell is an excellent choice. Its automated functions reduce the need for constant monitoring and adjustments.

4. Spa Owners in Areas with Water Restrictions

In regions with water usage restrictions, saltwater systems are advantageous as they require fewer water changes and less frequent chemical additions, contributing to water conservation efforts.

5. Commercial Spa Operators

Commercial spas, resorts, and wellness centers can benefit from these systems as they offer consistent water quality, require less labor for maintenance, and enhance the overall experience for guests.

6. Those Seeking a Spa Conversion

If you’re looking to convert their traditional spas or hot tubs into saltwater systems without significant alterations or complex installations can find the ControlOMatic Salt Cell an appealing option.

Key Features of ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater System

Controlomatic SmarterSpa review

The ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater System is a game-changing addition to the world of spa and hot tub maintenance. It offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance the user experience and simplify water care. In this ControlOMatic review, let’s take a look at its key features:

1. Saltwater Conversion

The system seamlessly converts any spa or hot tub into a saltwater paradise. Using a minimal amount of ordinary salt dissolved in water, it initiates an electrolysis process to generate chlorine, ensuring a consistently sanitized environment.

2. Gentle on Skin and Eyes

Unlike traditional chlorine systems that might cause skin irritation and discomfort, the SmarterSpa produces chlorine from salt, resulting in naturally softened water.

This gentler water quality is ideal for those with sensitive skin, minimizing irritation and providing a more comfortable bathing experience.

3. Simplified Maintenance

SmarterSpa stands out with its intelligent, self-regulating functionality. It autonomously determines when to activate, ensuring the water remains perfectly chlorinated at all times.

The built-in self-cleaning reverse polarity system reduces maintenance efforts, giving users more time to relax and enjoy their spa without worrying about constant upkeep.

4. Effortless Installation and Use

The system’s plug-and-play design requires no complex plumbing or mechanical alterations. Simply place the electrode into the water, and the system will take care of the chlorination process. Its chlorine detection system generates chlorine only as needed, streamlining the maintenance process further.

5. Quality and Warranty

Manufactured in the USA, the SmarterSpa comes with a 1-year warranty, showcasing ControlOMatic’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Additionally, the package includes essential test strips for salt, free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and hardness, ensuring users can monitor and maintain water balance effectively.

6. Skin and Eye Benefits

By maintaining consistent chlorine levels, the system prevents spikes in chlorine concentration, which can be harsh on the skin and eyes. Bathing in salt water not only softens the skin but also reduces eye irritation, offering a more comfortable and enjoyable spa experience.

7. Tailored for Spas and Hot Tubs

ControlOMatic has designed this system specifically for spas and hot tubs, ensuring it’s easy to install and doesn’t interfere with existing plumbing or electronics. Its user-friendly operation makes it accessible to spa owners seeking a hassle-free solution to water maintenance.

Controlomatic SmarterSpa


  • Produces chlorine from salt, providing gentler water that is less harsh on the skin and eyes compared to traditional chlorine-based systems.
  • Self-regulating system reduces manual upkeep by determining chlorine levels and activating as needed, saving time and effort.
  • Plug-and-play design requires no complex plumbing or alterations, making it accessible for spa owners without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Suitable for various spa types, including hot tubs, portable spas, and inflatable hot tubs, offering adaptability to different setups.
  • Ensures a consistent level of chlorine in the water, providing a more stable and comfortable bathing experience.
  • Assurance of quality and reliability, backed by a 1-year warranty, and includes essential test strips for water parameter monitoring.


  • Higher upfront investment compared to traditional chlorine-based systems, though long-term savings on chemicals may balance this out.
  • Individuals with salt sensitivities may experience discomfort, although the concentration of salt used is typically low and within safe limits.


To conclude the Controlomatic SmarterSpa review, we must say that it presents an innovative solution for spa and hot tub owners seeking an enhanced bathing experience with minimal maintenance. This system converts any standard spa into a saltwater oasis by utilizing an electrolysis process that produces chlorine from a small amount of salt dissolved in water. The resulting gentle, skin-friendly water offers relief to those with sensitive skin and reduces eye irritation commonly associated with traditional chlorine systems.

Easy to install and requiring no complex plumbing, the plug-and-play design makes it accessible to spa owners of varying technical expertise. Additionally, being made in the USA and backed by a 1-year warranty, it offers reliability and quality assurance.

Despite its advantages, considerations include the initial investment cost, potential salt sensitivity for some individuals, dependence on electricity, and the need for ongoing water chemistry monitoring.