Inflatable Elegance: Bestway Saluspa Santorini Review

A portable hot tub can be a great option for you to enjoy the summer more enjoyably. However, it is a big challenge to many people to choose a hot tub that is convenient and fits for needs. Because there are so many hot tubs available in the market. So, it’s a dilemma to choose the right one.

No worries, today we’re going to provide the Bestway Saluspa Santorini review. Just think for a minute, 180 bubbling warm jets, a freeze-resistant design, and the power to seat up to 7 people in a 104-degree aquatic haven. Despite initial reservations, one user confesses that this grand investment has transformed chilly garage evenings into a spa-like retreat.

So, let’s explore what the Bestway Santorini has to offer for next-level relaxation.

Why You Need The Bestway Saluspa Santorini Hydrojet?

You can boost your relaxation with the Bestway SaluSpa Santorini HydroJet. It’s your ticket to a soothing, hydro-powered paradise. You’re wondering why this inflatable hot tub deserves a spot in your backyard oasis? Let’s dive into the reasons:

  1. HydroJet Pro Technology: The Santorini HydroJet boasts cutting-edge HydroJet Pro technology, delivering a therapeutic massage experience with powerful hydrojets strategically placed along the sidewalls.
  2. Spacious Comfort for Seven: Don’t settle for a cramped hot tub experience. With the Santorini, you can invite friends or family to join the relaxation party. This inflatable beauty comfortably accommodates up to seven people to ensure that everyone gets to bask in the warmth and luxury.
  3. Durable Construction: Built with DuraPlus 3-layer material, the Santorini HydroJet stands out for its durability. It’s 33% more puncture-resistant and 56% more stretch-resistant, ensuring that your investment lasts and withstands the test of time.
  4. Freeze Shield Technology: Worried about chilly temperatures? The Santorini comes equipped with Freeze Shield technology. It’s automatically activate the heating function to keep your spa warm even in cooler climates.
  5. Easy Setup and Maintenance: While the setup might seem daunting at first, the reward is well worth it. Once installed, the Santorini is a breeze to maintain. The included pump handles inflation, heating, filtration, and massage system control, streamlining your hot tub experience.
  6. Versatile Massage Options: You can customize your relaxation with a combination of airjets and hydrojets. The airjets provide a gentle, full-body massage. While the hydrojets target specific areas, offering relief where you need it most. Flexibility is the key to a tailored spa experience.
  7. EnergySense Thermal Cover: Worried about energy consumption? Opt for the Santorini model with the EnergySense thermal cover to maximize heat retention and minimize operational costs. It’s a thoughtful addition for those conscious of both comfort and efficiency.

Key Features of Bestway Santorini Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway saluspa santorini

The Bestway Santorini is not just an inflatable hot tub; it’s a comprehensive relaxation haven designed to deliver a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own space.

Let’s take a look at the in-depth key features that make the Bestway Santorini stand out:

1. HydroJet Pro Symphony

You can immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of hydrotherapy with the HydroJet Pro Symphony. Carefully placed hydrojets along the sidewalls create a therapeutic masterpiece to deliver targeted massages that dance across your muscles. It elevates your relaxation to a crescendo of bliss.

2. Social Sanctuary for Seven

The Bestway Santorini isn’t just a hot tub; it’s a social sanctuary. With room for up to seven, the Santorini beckons gatherings, transforming your space into a hub of shared warmth and rejuvenation. It’s not just a hot tub; it’s an invitation to connect, unwind, and savor the moment.

3. DuraPlus 3-Dimensional Fortitude

The Bestway Santorini is crafted with the strength of DuraPlus 3-dimensional material. The Santorini boasts a fortress of durability. A 33% increase in puncture resistance and a 56% boost in stretch resistance ensure that your oasis stands resilient against the test of time. It makes each soak a worry-free retreat.

4. Freeze Shield Overture

As the temperature drops, the Santorini takes center stage with its Freeze Shield Overture. This intelligent feature orchestrates an automatic heating performance, ensuring that even in cooler climates, your hot tub maintains a symphony of warmth. It invites you to indulge in a seamless spa experience.

5. Effortless Elegance in Setup

While the Santorini boasts sophistication, its setup remains an effortless ballet. The all-in-one pump choreographs the dance of inflation, heating, filtration, and massage control. The initial setup may be a performance, but the ongoing maintenance is a graceful pas de deux. It makes relaxation a seamless art.

6. Aerial Airjet Ensemble

Let the Aerial Airjet Ensemble enchant you with 180 bubbling warm jets, creating an ethereal massage experience that blankets your entire being. It’s not just bubbles; it’s a celestial dance of relaxation that adapts to your whims. It delivers an otherworldly experience tailored to your desires.

7. EnergySense Cover Sonata

For those attuned to energy efficiency, the optional EnergySense Cover Sonata takes the stage. This cover choreographs a ballet of heat retention, minimizing energy consumption. While maximizing the longevity of your indulgent retreat. It’s not just a cover; it’s a performance in efficiency.

8. Versatility in Massage Symphony

The Santorini doesn’t settle for a single note. This amazing hot tub composes a versatile symphony of massage. The interplay between airjets and hydrojets allows you to compose your relaxation melody. Whether a gentle lullaby or a crescendo of pressure. The Santorini adapts to your preferences to ensure a unique and customizable experience.

Is the Bestway Saluspa Santorini Hydrojet Worth Buying?

Bestway saluspa santorini hydrojet pro

The Bestway SaluSpa Santorini HydroJet is a fantastic choice for those seeking a premium inflatable hot tub experience. Featuring HydroJet Pro technology for a targeted and therapeutic massage, this hot tub accommodates up to seven people, making it a social hub for gatherings.

Its DuraPlus 3-layer construction ensures durability, and the Freeze Shield technology maintains a consistent spa experience in cooler climates. With easy setup and maintenance through an all-in-one pump, 180 bubbling warm jets for a customizable massage, and an optional EnergySense thermal cover for energy efficiency, the Santorini offers a versatile and indulgent relaxation solution.

Whether you prioritize hydrotherapy or shared leisure, the Santorini delivers a luxurious experience in the world of inflatable hot tubs.


  • The standout feature of the Bestway Santorini, the HydroJet Pro technology, provides a targeted and therapeutic massage experience, delivering unparalleled relaxation.
  • With room for up to seven people, the Santorini is perfect for socializing, making it a great addition for gatherings with friends and family.
  • The DuraPlus 3-layer material enhances durability, making the hot tub 33% more puncture-resistant and 56% more stretch-resistant than standard materials.
  • The intelligent Freeze Shield technology ensures that the hot tub remains warm, even in colder climates, preventing freezing and providing a consistent and comfortable spa experience.
  • The Santorini is designed for user-friendly setup and maintenance. The all-in-one pump handles various functions. It simplifies the overall user experience.


  • It’s initial setup may be more involved, and some users may find the instructions a bit challenging. However, once set up, the ongoing maintenance is more straightforward.
  • It requires a dedicated electrical outlet, and the provided plug may not fit standard outdoor electric boxes, necessitating professional installation for an appropriate outlet.


This premium hot tub boasts HydroJet Pro technology for targeted and therapeutic massages. It is perfect for both personal indulgence and social gatherings with its generous capacity for seven. Its durable DuraPlus 3-layer construction, Freeze Shield technology, and user-friendly setup enhance the longevity and accessibility of the spa.

With 180 bubbling warm jets and customizable massage options, the Santorini ensures a versatile and personalized relaxation experience. Did the Bestway Saluspa Santorini review answer all of your queries?