AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave SQ120AHDSBTM Heat Pump review

Keep your pool at a comfortable temperature with a quality pool heater. The AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave Heat Pump is the biggest and powerful pool heater on the market.  Read this AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave SQ120AHDSBTM Heat Pump review, ratings, and buying advice from experts and customers on these top pool heater brands.

ThisAquaCal SQ120AHDSBTM Heat Pump pool heater is a great option that helps you to heat your pool unconditionally and allows you to enjoy great fun even in the winter or hot summer days.

It comes with enhanced technology and some great features that make it the best pool heat pump. Also, it is a highly efficient pool heater that works smoothly.

Top features and benefits of AquaCal SQ120AHDSBTM SuperQuiet HeatWave 110000 BTU Heat Pump

In the AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave SQ120AHDSBTM Heat Pump review now let’s take a look at the best features of the unit.

It is designed with lots of sensational and compatible features and technology to make the heating task effortless. This AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pump provides ultimate benefits and performs superbly until the pool or spa is fully heated. By purchasing this unit, you can save your energy and utility bills simultaneously.

Let’s look at its fabulous and excellent features and benefits;

  • It comes to provide unconditional performance with minimum costs and efficiency.
  • You can get these most advanced and energy-savings that operate quietly.
  • It is designed with advanced operating features with perfect size.
  • It is constructed with the latest and upgradable state-of-the-art pre-mixed gas combustion technology to deliver quick heating.
  • AquaCal SQ120AHDSBTM SuperQuiet comes with the BTU of 110000 to provide almost 82% thermal efficiency and ultimate heat up that makes it best in its class.
  • This is a high-quality, highly efficient, and affordable pool heat pump with some exclusive attributes.
  • It is a perfect and suitable pool heater for above-ground pools and in-ground pools that consists of up to 15,000 gallons of water.
  • It comes with an improved and crystal clear LCD or controller that provides real data and more information.
  • The unit works effortlessly and emitting less harmful oxide, especially NOx that makes it environmental-friendly.
  • The AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pump is a more convenient and compatible heat pump that is known for its ultra-fast heat up.
  • This affordable pool heater is available in propane gas (natural gas) that makes it energy-efficient.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Made with UV and rust-resistant and corrosion-proof material that amplifies its longevity.
  • It continuously saves both your time and paying extra money or utility bill.
  • It runs with 110V voltage and can exchange to 240V.

Where do you use the AquaCal SQ120AHDSBTM SuperQuiet heater?

Usually, every pool heat pump is made to heat the pool or spa and make the pool suitable to enjoy great fun during the winter season. Also, a pool heat pump is used to pump the pool water from low level to high level and cool the pool when the temperatures are very high.

If you have a large in-ground pool with 15,000 gallons of water, this pool heater will heat your large pool very easily and instantly.

How do you use the AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pump?

The AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pump is a great and high efficient pool heater. It comes with an easy operating system. Don’t need to put extra effort and force to control and install this heater. It comes with an advanced and easy-to-read transparent LCD to provide accurate data and excellent control. It is an automatic and remotely controlled pool heater that allows you to control it effortlessly.

How does the AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pumpstand out in the competition?

AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave pool heater

In the AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave SQ120AHDSBTM Heat Pump review are you seeking the answer that what makes the unit stands it? Let’s get the insight.

It is a high-efficient and ultra-fast heat pump that runs with natural gas (propane gas). The AquaCal SuperQuiet 110000 BTU Heat Pump is a well-known and reputed brand that provides durable and quality pool products. This unit is formulated with some innovative and valuable features that make it stand out in the competition.

Here are some of the sensational features that make it best


The special thing is it comes with the most advanced operating features and revolutionary pre-mixed technology. Also, it is an energy-efficient pool heater that saves more energy while running and provides high-quality performance with lower costs.

This heater comes with a modern LCD that gives more information. In addition, it comes with a plug-in 110V battery that makes operating and monitoring this unit like a breeze.


Compared with other pool heat pumps it is one of the most durable and efficient heaters that provides long time operation without any disturbance.

This unit is made of anti-corrosion and waterproof material that offers the highest performance in any condition. With proper utilization and maintenance, a pool heat pump like AquaCal SQ120AHDSBTM SuperQuiet HeatWave 110000 BTU Heat Pump lasts up to 15 years.


Undoubtedly, this is a handheld and convenient pool heater for any user. It is an easy-to-use and comfortable heater that allows you to carry easily and control this unit like a breeze. You don’t have to face any struggle to operate this unit easily.

AquaCal VS Zodiac

It is a unit that can balance the water temperatures perfectly. It works exceedingly well. The pre-mixed gas combustion technology makes this pool heater outstanding.

  • AquaCal SuperQuiet pool heater is more efficient and works faster than Zodiac.
  • This Pentair pool heater is portable than Zodiac.
  • AquaCal SuperQuiet made with the state-art pre-mixed technology. It offers 82% thermal efficiency but Zodiac doesn’t have this feature.
  • AquaCal SuperQuiet saves more energy while operating than Zodiac.

Is AquaCal SuperQuiet HeatWave SQ120AHDSBTMHeat Pump suitable for your need?

A pool heater is a great option to heat your large in-ground or above-ground pool or spa. It is a more efficient heater that heats your swimming pool faster. Furthermore, it makes the swimming pool suitable to enjoy. It comes with an energy-saving function that helps to reduce energy. It is a very light unit that is easy to carry.


  • Highly energy-efficient and convenient unit.
  • Durable and sturdy, UV and rust-resistant material.
  • Key pad lock-out for tamper-proof settings
  • Heavy-duty Scroll Compressor for super efficient
  • Titanium ThermoLink heat exchanger


  • Slightly hard to control and install.

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