Are you looking for an incredible cleaning solution for your in-ground swimming pool? Well, you have reached exactly the right place because I am going to provide the information about the Solar Breeze NX2 robotic pool cleaner which is one of the best an advanced cleaning solution for any kind of swimming pool.

Let’s get back to the beginning of the year when I was desperately seeking a unique and energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner. It is really tough to find the best one which exactly I am looking for.

After doing a few days of research, fortunately, one robotic pool cleaner I found which matched with my needs. Without any delay, I picked this excellent pool cleaner because I knew what I need.

As a result, now I have no pain to clean my pool because the Solar Breeze NX2 takes off all cleaning responsibility on its shoulder. I enjoy cleaning time with my favorite music.

The Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner is a 3-in-1 pool cleaner which is really amazing. That means you will able to meet three types of cleaning needs by a cleaner.

More importantly, one of the surprising thing about the pool cleaner it comes with a solar panel which means no additional cords, no tangling, no energy cost, no pain. You will able to clean the pool by the power of the sun, it sounds incredible, right.

In addition, it is absolutely suitable to clean the floating debris, dust, and leaves. If you want to remove dust, pollen, and bacteria from your pool then I would say you will not find the better alternative than the Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner.

Is the Solar Breeze NX2 worth buying?

If you are looking for a satisfying pool cleaner like me then I would say the Solar Breeze NX2 will be a one-stop solution for you. More importantly, this advanced cleaner has a great ability to remove up to 95% of debris from the pool which means getting the soft, refreshing, and sparkling cleaning water is not a dream now.

Otherwise, if you go to Amazon then you will see that nearly 70% of people gave it a 4-5 star review which means these vast number of people are satisfied with the performance of the Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner.

If you want to invest securely as well as want to buy a reliable, energy-efficient, long-lasting pool cleaner then it will be a brilliant selection for you.

Solar Breeze NX2

In other words, it has a fine mesh filter which basically works to eliminate the bacteria, dust, and other types of water-born particles. That means you will get the sparkling pool water without any hassle which is really awesome.

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If you want to keep your pool ready always for a swim then it can be a fantastic solution for you.

Top Features of the Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner

The Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner comes with many amazing and cool features that surely blow your mind. If you are looking for a pool cleaner which comes with all necessary and essential features to get the high-efficient cleaning performance then it would be a great choice for you.

Without any delay, let’s look at a glance at the top features of this pool cleaner. Hopefully, it will meet your expectation.

24 hours of operation

Day or night it is not a big deal in the case of the Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner because daytime when the sunlight is available, it uses solar energy at the same time night time it uses the battery to clean the pool. It comes with 5,300 mAh lithium battery which provides amazing backup.

As a result, you will able to clean under shade area of your pool where sunlight doesn’t reach.

However, during the rainy or cloudy time, the cleaner may go to sleep-mode to charge the battery fully then it will back to the race.

Solar Breeze NX2 comes with Smart navigation

The Solar Breeze NX2 robotic pool cleaner comes with a built-in computer which provides perfect and accurate navigation and it is very effective to clean your pool efficiently without any trouble.

However, some people think that the skimmer is a little bit faulty because the skimmer spends most of the time around the edges of the pool.

Surprisingly, it is not a fault of the skimmer because it is particularly designed and developed to stay in the edges to collect a colossal amount of debris from the edges.

Similarly, the pool skimmer will automatically clean the entire pool, if you do not interrupt it or change the direction of the cleaner.

Effective debris collection and propulsion system

The Solar Breeze NX2 pool cleaner gives an excellent performance to clean the debris, pollen, dust, bugs and other types of ingredients from the pool amazingly.

Plus, it has a read paddle wheel which basically works to proper the skimmer as well as the front side of the cleaner has another paddle that works to collect the debris.

Solar Breeze NX2

It has an efficient space mesh filter tray where the collecting debris is stored. However, you have to clean the debris from its storage manually.

Default sanitizer

In other words, the Solar Breeze NX2 comes with a built-in chlorine dispenser which is another greatest benefits of the skimmer. You do not have to apply the chlorine manually. To get this benefits you just have to include two chlorine tablets into the dispenser then your job is over.

Satisfying running time

The cleaner is solar powered that is why you may have a little bit doubt about the run time of it. In that case, I would say each day highest run time of the cleaner is 23.5 hours which is really huge.

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As a result, you will able to clean the pool debris for almost 24 hours. Enjoying the satisfying pool water is really not hard now.

No cords, no hoses

If you want to clean your pool peacefully then I would say the Solar Breeze NX2 will be a great choice for you. It doesn’t need any cord or hoses which means no hassle and tangling.

Outstanding customer care support

The solar bridge provides impressive customer care support. If you have any questions or need any support from them then feel free to contact them. They are waiting to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Suitable for both in-ground and above-ground pool

No matters what types of size of your pool is, it is absolutely suitable for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pool. If you are looking for a multi-tasking and intelligent pool cleaner for your in-ground or above-ground pool then definitely it will be a great choice for you.


  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% solar powered pool cleaner
  • No need any pool pump
  • It decreases the use of the chemical
  • Long-lasting battery
  • One-stop solution to remove dust, debris, pollen, etc
  • 12-watt solar panel
  • No cord no hoses


  • 1 year limited warranty


If you got tired to clean to collect the debris from the pool surfaces and looking for the advanced method then surely the Solar Breeze NX2 will be an ideal choice.

It comes with incredible run time and has a great ability to remove up 95% of debris, dust, bugs from the pool water which is really excellent.

We highly prefer to buy Solar Breeze NX2 to make your life simple and comfortable.

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